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22 Church St Lincoln, NH 03251

WE WILL REMAIN OPEN during front-stair construction! Use the rear entrance. Please do not use book drop to return your books!
Beginning Sunday, July 7th Call 603-745-8159 if you have any questions.


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Ancestry Library

Search your family tree at the library. For library use only.


  1. Printers are configured to the wireless network. If you would like to print you can use the library owned computers or other electronic devices.
  2. The library has a fax machine available for the public. The fax number is 603-745-2037. The cost of sending a fax is $2.00 for the first page, and $1.00/page for each additional page. The cost of receiving a fax is $1.00 per page.
  3. A copier is available for public use; the charge is $.25 per page, per side.

Public Access Computers

  1. Library patrons are cautioned that the Library computers are located in public areas, which must be shared by Library users of all ages, backgrounds, and sensibilities. Individuals are asked to consider this and to respect others when accessing information and images. Library patrons may not use a Public Use Computer Workstation to transmit or receive illegal (including harmful or obscene) or disruptive material. Patrons are advised that Library Public Use Computers are not private or secure. Any information sent by an Internet terminal may be used by others to track people and their assets. The appropriate use of the Internet is the responsibility of the patron. Parents are responsible for the appropriate use of the Internet by their children.
  2. Reservations may be made in advance by phone (745-8159) or in person no more than one week in advance. Reservations are for half-hour sessions. Walk-ins are allowed, beginning with the current time block.
  3. Patrons must sign in at the circulation desk. A Public Use Computer Acceptable Use Agreement is signed accepting responsibility for any damages and acknowledging their understanding of the library’s computer use policy.
  4. Public use of the computers by non-residents is subject to availability provided in 30 minute intervals at the discretion of library staff. Seasonal workers are considered NON-residents.
  5. There is a charge of $.25 cents per side printed from a library computer station.
  6. Only library-installed software will work, and any unauthorized files will be removed. Nothing may be saved on the library computers’ hard drive. Patrons may save any of their work on a thumb drive.
  7. Library staff has the authority to intervene in inappropriate computer use.

Wireless Internet Access

  1. The Lincoln Public Library offers wireless “WiFi” access to the Library’s Internet service for properly equipped laptops and handheld Electronic devices. When you use the Internet in the library you are accepting the library’s Internet acceptable use policy. Please take the time to review this policy before you access the network.
  2. Patrons under 18 are subject to the same rules governing Internet access by minor children using Lincoln Public Library computers. Patrons under 18 are required to have a signed parental permission slip on file in the library allowing access to the Internet.
  3. Personal laptop computers and hand held electronic devices accessing the Library’s public wireless network are subject to all applicable requirements of the Lincoln Public Library Internet acceptable use policy. Any activities deemed illegal apply to patrons whether or not they are using library owned or personally owned laptops or hand held electronic devices. Any illegal activity will require the Library staff to notify the police.
  4. Library staff won’t be liable for and can not guarantee any assistance with personal laptops.
  5. There will be no charge for use of the wireless connection with a patron’s own laptop computer or hand held electronic devices.
  6. Printers are configured to the wireless network. If you would like to print you can use the library owned computers or other electronic devices.
  7. Access is offered without registration. If problems arise from the unrestricted access the Board of Trustees may amend this policy to require registration in the future.
  8. The Library does not recommend the use of wi-fi connected computers for online shopping, ordering merchandise, or electronic banking. The library does not prohibit these activities, but it does not ensure the provision of secure connections. The Lincoln Public Library is not liable for any personal security breeches, theft of identity, or financial losses resulting from such online activities.
  9. Connecting your computer via the Lincoln Public Library public wireless network may expose your computer to viruses and other security risks. Patrons are responsible for their own computer’s virus protection, and accept the risks of Internet connections. The Lincoln Public Library is not liable for any damage ensuing from said connection.
  10. Safety of personal computer equipment from theft or damage while on the Lincoln Public Library property is the sole responsibility of the owner. The Library staff will not monitor the safety of personal equipment, nor will they hold said equipment for safe keeping under any circumstance.

Interlibrary Loans

The Lincoln Public Library is a small library with limited financial means. In an effort to accommodate the diverse needs of all registered patrons, the library will make full use of the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) System and all resources from the New Hampshire State Library.

Meeting Room

Meeting space in the library may be reserved for use by educational, civic, cultural, and non-partisan governmental groups provided no admission is charged for an event nor any monetary transactions transpire. However, library sponsored presenters pre-approved by the Library Director may sell materials related to their presentation. The meeting room may be reserved no more than 30 days in advance. Meeting space may not be reserved by commercial or denominational groups. Library sponsored programs and activities will receive priority. If the meeting includes children under the age of 18, they must be supervised by an adult (one adult for every 15 minors).

Thanks to a very generous sponsorship by Friends of the Lincoln Library, the library is once again able to purchase passes to area museums, art galleries and other attractions. The passes are available on a first come first served basis to patrons of good standing.

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