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22 Church St Lincoln, NH 03251

WE WILL REMAIN OPEN during front-stair construction! Use the rear entrance. Please do not use book drop to return your books!
Beginning Sunday, July 7th Call 603-745-8159 if you have any questions.

History of the Library

Lincoln Public Library today
Picture of Lincoln Public Library from 1905

Lincoln Public Library has a rich history, dating back to its inception in 1902. Thanks to the vision of Mrs. Eliza Henry, wife of prominent lumber baron J.E. Henry, the library was established during the annual Town Meeting. Mrs. Henry’s advocacy led to the generous donation of land and a building by her husband, marking the official opening of the Lincoln Public Library on May 2, 1905.

Since its establishment, the library has undergone significant expansions to better serve the community. In the 1970s, it doubled in size, and in 1996, it expanded to 3,300 square feet.

In April of 2009, the local Three Rivers Construction crew broke ground and began building our new meeting room and director office. Construction was completed in August. The Friends of the Lincoln Public Library quickly and excitedly began their work as decorators, making the room as cozy and functional as the rest of the library. They chose blinds, multi-use tables, chairs, and a sound-minimizing rug to accent the room. The meeting room will be used by the library for programs and meetings, and also will be made available for use by the residents of the community.

On March 27th 2011 the Lincoln Public Library Board of Trustees dedicated the new meeting room to the Friends of Lincoln Library.

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